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The latest news and stories in the world of work from all over especially about new ways of working and activity based working
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Hubb Consultants Blog

Read the latest news and stories around the world of work from Hubb and across industries most especially about new ways of working and activity-based working hottest buzz

 What has Activity Based Working (ABW) got to do with reputation  According to a Forbes report, ‘companies who wait for the perfect hire are more risk averse. They want to hire a candidate that already has a ‘reputation’ built on a strong track record. On the other hand, professionals are judging companies based on ‘reputation’ when deciding where to work. CareerBuilder recent study revealed that about 75%...

No, this is not the blow from two crashing vehicles but rather the space where ‘serendipitous personal encounters | chance meetings | accidental interactions’ take place inside the office. You see some of the best ideas if not most – do not occur at your desk. These ‘creative breakthroughs’ come to you at different venues out from interacting with others – but definitely not when...

1. INNOVATION. Creativity has become critical to everyday business. How we use creativity to enhance performance of a process, person, team or the organisation is innovation. So, how will you make sure you will innovate this 2016? Make sure you back your workplace culture with a workplace environment that supports innovation. Workplace design can go a long way in providing venues and resources for people to...