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Four Tips for Developing Your Employees Through Failure

Four Tips for Developing Your Employees Through Failure

Four Tips for Developing Your Employees Through Failure

Developing Employees Through Failure

Mistakes happen, that is inevitable. So, how do you coach and develop your employees in your organisation to help turn mistakes and failures into successes?

There are certain managerial strategies to do this, however it is no quick fix. The ability to develop such a strategy is a skill that all managers should possess, as it can inspire and motivate employees, rather than diminish their confidence and initiative.

Here are four quick tips that can help you, help your employees:

  1. More Australians are offering more flexible working schedules, something that the UK has done for some time now. However, it isn’t just about flexibility, it is also about working less hours. Instead of checking emails throughout the evening and tackling work before bed, the UK seem to be better at leaving work behind and having a greater work-life balance.
  2. Understand it may not always be their faultIs this mistake made by only one employee, or is the entire team making the same mistake? Is this mistake a frequent occurrence due to lack of attention or lack of training? Paying attention to these patterns can conclude that the employees may not have a clear direction, objective or guidance, therefore perhaps it is time to introduce training strategies.
  3. Examine your needs as a managerDo you consider it failure if things go less than perfectly? If you can be a perfectionist at times, it is time to let go. Most people learn by experience, and no amount of training is going to change that, so let them make minor mistakes and learn from it.
  4. Celebrate and encourageDo you openly acknowledge confidence in the team to get things right? Remaining positive through mistakes can often lead to growth, innovations and new knowledge for the organisation as a whole. Let your team know you appreciate their innovative approaches to improve their performance.

Above all, make sure that employees know how to take responsibility for their mistakes and successes. These simple tips are just a few ways to develop and implement strategies into the workplace in which can assist in employee development through failure.

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