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The Effective Way to Kill Your Business

The Effective Way to Kill Your Business

The Effective Way to Kill Your Business

Your organisation comes with a series of set parameters and rules; although they may not be written down and a part of your official working processes, they are there.

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These parameters and rules most likely developed incrementally over time, as small steps to positively influence effectiveness and efficiency within the workplace. Yet, although these rules were initially introduced for efficiency building, they can cut off potential options and push out diverse thinkers, ultimately putting your employees into a corner and away from creativity.

Psychologist, Benjamin Schnieder, found that people whom attempt to assist in building something new, are generally unwanted in organisations that “know what they want”. It is found that organisations tend to hire people whom look the same over, and whom they can reinforce the existing culture within.

However, when an organisational and industry change comes, which is inevitable, this is when organisations need the creative and daring employees more than ever.

Change is increasing its momentum in Australia’s workforce, and those organisations who refuse to embrace it and stubbornly stick to their “old ways” with the unwritten rules for management and procedures are going to suffer the most.

Are you ready to embrace the change? It’s time to throw out the old rules and procedures and bring in the new! If you’re wanting to establish an effective and efficient workplace strategy to align with the industry changes, it is time to talk to Hubb Consultants.

Contact Hubb Consultants today, for an obligation free consultation to keep your business thriving amongst the change.