The 4 Trends Your Organisation Must Adopt in 2019: Part 1 - HUBB Consultants
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The 4 Trends Your Organisation Must Adopt in 2019: Part 1

Human Centred Organisation

The 4 Trends Your Organisation Must Adopt in 2019: Part 1

The 4 Trends Your Organisation Must Adopt in 2019: Part 1

The world of work has changed dramatically over the last decade. As we look to embark on another year, Hubb Consultants would like to share the top four trends that organisations are adopting, not just in Australia, but globally; with a view to ensure they are on the trajectory of success in 2019.

Human Centred

The top 4 trends for 2019 are:

  1. Human Centered Organisation,
  2. Engagement,
  3. Wellness in the workplace, and
  4. Workplace strategy

Over the month of January, we will outline these trends, so you can assess your approach to these for your organisation.

Human Centred Organisation (HCO)

Through the increase of Information Communications Technology (ICT) enablement, organisations now have the ability to reach further, gaining information quicker than before. However, over the past few years, it is evident that this has not changed the trajectory of many organisations, and merely made it easier to do business.

This is why organisations such as Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Lego and Schneider Electric have decided to adopt an HCO model.

The concept of an HCO is the self-recognition that organisations are powered and driven by people, not computers. HCO seeks to place human beings at the forefront of its thinking, as customers and staff are the people that drive profits, experiences and the organisational future.

HCO is not a model or manifesto, but a collective outlook or point of view on the attitude of an organisation. The common threads with HCO organisations are:

  • Focusing on empowering the performance of people,
  • Creating together, communicating and living the organisational vision and mission daily,
  • A focus on creativity and innovation (better described as “what computers can’t do”),
  • Sensitivity to the needs of the humans that support organisations,
  • Supporting collaborative and open communications, and
  • Adopting a non-hierarchical workplace strategy.

Companies that are truly successful are those that put humans at the forefront of doing business. The concept of HCO may not be new, but if it’s expertly and authentically executed, it can be a game changing strategy.

Contact Hubb Consultants today to find out how you can successfully become a Human Centred Organisation.