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Is activity based working right for you? Hubb Consultants stands ready to guide clients into your working future. Find out more about Alternative Working Strategies (AWS) and Activity Based Working (ABW) today
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Is Activity Based Working right for you?

Progressive organisations globally are seeking the edge on their competition. They are looking to achieve greater productivity, collaboration and efficiency out of less infrastructure.


This goal has seen a dramatic rise in investigation and support for Alternative Working Strategies (AWS). The most inspiring of these is called Activity Based Working or ABW.


ABW workspace strategy focuses on work being conducted in zones which are “fit for purpose“ and in doing so removing the need for individual assigned desking and other hierarchical structures like dedicated offices.


The tangible outcomes of ABW environments have been substantial from reductions in spatial footprint, consumable costs and HR costs to improvements in staff morale, engagement and productivity.


Like most methodologies, there are differing levels of adherence and different approaches so before embarking on a revolutionary change in your workspace it’s important to get the right advice.


Hubb Consultants globally has been a pioneering practitioner of Activity Based Working, and we stand ready to guide clients into your working future.

ABW Key Benefits

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