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Organisational Change Management Services

“The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.” – H.P. Lovecraft

In a constantly changing world, organisations must be able to adapt to change. Organisational change can be driven by company growth, or needs to down-size and other times by the need to restructure to better achieve business goals.


Organisational change is a fundamental strategy for ensuring that an organisation remains relevant in an evolving global environment. If done well, it brings benefits especially building organisational resilience.


HUBB supports organisation to manage change well maintaining productivity, viability and relevance. We help you manage the daunting change process so you can achieve your change initiative objectives regardless of what the change entails.

Keeping your entire organisation engaged with any change initiative is easy with HUBB

HUBB’s leading Organisational Change services covers:

  • Change Management. We come up with a systematic and comprehensive framework to prepare, equip and support business executives enabling them to appreciate and anticipate the change process and to help them manage and engage the entire organisation with the change initiative.
  • Communications. We help you formulate the right messages that define your organisation’s principles and values stimulating the best possible engagement.
  • Consultancy. We support individuals, teams and organisations to undertake change and appreciate the benefits from doing it well.
  • Coach/ Guide/ Mentor. HUBB makes the whole change process easy, fun and highly successful.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Did you know that HUBB Consultants can help you during a Merger or Acquisition?

Our workplace consultants can work with your organisation to ensure that the organisational change is supported by a strong workplace strategy. It is important that the process is ‘friendly’ so that the desired outcome can be achieved as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

HUBB Consultants are able to help your organisation with:

  • Workplace strategy: reducing property costs, improving business performance, merging two or more organisaitons/cultures, and relocating or consolidating occupied buildings.
  • Accommodation strategy and planning: Investigating how the new setup may work for existing and new employees so that the physical strategy meets the new organisational strategy
  • Alternative and new ways of working: Ensuring the available space is utilised and the organisational culture is depicted in the physical environment
  • Reduction of spatial footprint without losing team members: Providing employees with the appropriate space for the task based on their personal and group needs.

If you are looking to undertake a merger or acquisition, we welcome you to have a chat with one of our HUBB Consultants to see whether and how we may support you.

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