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Once upon a time, in the world of work – workers worked on assigned desks.

They report to the office every day – using the same space, sitting on the same chair and table, using the same tools to do every task they were given.

Everyone was happy and contented.

Decades passed and then technology and globalisation came like wildfire sweeping change over the whole work landscape demanding connectivity, flexibility and efficiency. Whilst the change is pervasive and every organisation is faced to respond to the revolution.

Whilst, the direction which a group will pursue and the measures they’ll be ready to exert to get that route – will be critical so is a sound workplace strategy.


Workplace Strategy sets the prosperous organisation apart from the mediocre ones. It help discerns that neither all answers are correct solutions nor are all actions fitting resolutions.


A few wise men tried to do things differently. They experimented and remove the walls in the office and in lieu created a variety of spaces where workers roam at liberty to choose the space where they can work best. An alternative way of working was born and they called it Activity Based Working (or ABW).

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