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HUBB -Your Optimal Workplace

Hubb Workplace Strategy Core Elements

HUBB understands that a place of work is more than physical address or accommodation for staff. It is the place in which your brand lives. It’s a microcosm of people coming together to achieve corporate goals. However for the majority of workplaces are disconnected, devoid of correct strategy and for this reason simply don’t work.

For a  workplace to be productive and effective it must integrate 4 core elements being:

3.Human; and

Orchestrated correctly you find the area intersection is the sweet spot , where workplace transformation occurs.

HUBB is the tool which can help shape these spheres of influence in your organisation  and develop a Workplace Strategy that works.

HUBB equips you with a Workplace Strategy that brings about your optimal workplace

HUBB Workplace Strategy service covers:

  • Project Visioning. We help you clearly define your project’s vision, discussing its components and exploring its impact to give direction to your organisation and positively affecting your ability to succeed.
  • Organisational Discovery. We guide you through a process to come up with clear words and support visuals that captures your purpose. A clarity of purpose inspires you and your team, giving a strong direction to work, laying the foundations of a purpose-based organisation.
  • Workplace Strategy Design and Development. We believe design thinking must be at the core of effective workplace strategy development and innovation to realise genuine organisational change.
  • Workplace Strategy Master Planning. We deliver a multi-faceted strategy to make your master plan effectively.
  • Workplace Strategy Consultant Secondment. We place an experienced Workplace Strategist within your organisation to handle the entirety of the transformation process

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