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Why Hubb?

Advance your organisations with the proven benefits of workplace consultancy with Hubb.

Hubb reduces waste and unnecessary cost and offers significant benefits to your organisation. Hubb investigates with you the following questions:

  • What are the ways to optimise corporate real estate?
  • How to create a productive environment where staff can thrive?
  • Why staff are unhappy and retention is low?

Hubb provides fresh perspectives based on insightful data so you can form strategic decisions.


Most workspaces have grown organically with little consideration of the type of work being accomplished in a space or the people utilising the space.

Hubb understands this so we take the guesswork out of identifying optimal ways of working for individuals, teams, departments and entire corporations.

Research clearly shows that the design, layout and environment in which we work directly effects productivity, culture and corporate success.

Staff represent the major expense to any business. But without staff companies can’t achieve. So if you can harness the power of your staff then your propensity  for success rises significantly.


What can Hubb do for you?

Below are some of the major advantages you get from getting a workplace consultancy service from Hubb.

  • Discover optimal workspace by department and role
  • Improve utilisation of space
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Enhance information and communications technology strategies
  • Increase workplace flexibility
  • Improve collaboration
  • Break down silos
  • Lessen environment impact
  • Boost office environment user satisfaction level
  • Raise business productivity and performance
  • Promote staff retention and minimise unwanted attrition


We service clients to determine impediments and opportunities of your current workspace and the effects, limits and flexibility of any office relocation you might consider.


Hubb’s expertise ranges from workplace survey and strategy consultancy to workplace design and property evaluation. We can manage workplace projects of any scale for commercial premises refurbishment, fitout or renovation throughout Australia.

Read our Full Terms Engagement.

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